Contact Tracing

If you're in the debt collection business, you'll know how quickly data and contact information can deteriorate and decay, and how difficult it can be to track down errant payers once they’ve disappeared.

Blue Label Data Solutions will help you trace the latest up to date contact details for your debtors.

Our trace data solutions are customisable and locally developed to cater for all aspects of your organisation's customer life cycle, including batch and online processing options.

Our data sources include disposition data from our call centres, public domain and government bureaus, prepaid cell and electricity transactions, a number of other 3rd party service suppliers and investigative tracing agent data.

The following data is available:

  • Person search and related information e.g. spouse and linked phone numbers
  • Business/Cipro Search and Information
  • Property Search and Information
  • Personal details:
    • Person's Public Information
    • Person's Extra Information
    • Person's Physical Address
    • Person's Phone Number
    • Person's Email Address
    • Person's Property Information
    • Person's Directorship
    • Person's Credit/CPA Information

The following trace solutions are available:

An offline batch service, where you can directly upload a trace file to our secure FTP site, whereafter the data is matched to our records and returned by means of an FTP transfer. Average turnaround times are between 24 to 48 hours, depending on volume and the workload of our bureau at the time.

An online (Datacision) “black box” trace solution is available and can be customized to cater for each client’s specific trace needs. This solution allows a client to choose particular data sets that they may require and make them accessible via API’s or DLL’s. Datacision is a one-on-one lookup tool and is configured with a billing module. To find out more please visit