Direct Marketing Platforms

The increasing costs of above the line (ATL) marketing platforms such as radio and television in combination with shrinking marketing budgets, has made direct marketing an affordable and desirable way for businesses and organisations to reach their consumer and B2B client bases.

From bulk MMS and SMS advertising, to bulk email campaigns, automated voice messaging, geomarketing, field marketing and coupon and voucher booklets, Blue Label Data Solutions offers a wide range of innovative direct marketing channels designed to help you quickly and cost-effectively reach your target market LSM.

What’s more, our innovative product offerings like Automated Voice Messaging (AVM) and bulk SMS advertising enable you to cost-effectively target more traditionally difficult to reach lower LSM groups too, where literacy and access to technology have traditionally been barriers to entry.

  • With nearly a mobile phone per person in South Africa, there isn't a more effective way to reach any target
  • Whether it's to your own list or to one we provide for you, the extensive use of cellular and mobile
  • For dynamic cellular and mobile marketing, little is as compelling as our bulk MMS advertising. Blue Label Data Solutions' MMS
  • In the consumer and B2B marketing arenas, few media have the power to create sales and generate leads in the
  • Targeted, location-based marketing has previously been out of reach for the average South African business. Blue Label Data Solutions, with
  • Whether your potential target market LSM is on the lower end of the spectrum, or you would like to break
  • One of the key advantages digital marketing delivery media have over traditional, above the line (ATL), advertising methods, is the
  • Perfect for lower LSMs and those with limited literacy skills, as well as a marketing medium or reminder messaging service
  • If you're looking to raise awareness about a new or existing product or service, in lower target market LSMs, then