Automated Voice Messaging

Perfect for lower LSMs and those with limited literacy skills, as well as a marketing medium or reminder messaging service for higher LSM target groups, Blue Label Data Solutions' automated voice messaging platform is an effective medium for reaching your target market - and, has one of the highest response rates of any digital media, returning responses in the region of 4 to 8%.

Automated Voice Messaging (AVM) offers many unique benefits to marketers today:

  • A quick turnaround time to record voice messages
  • Easily reach any person, on any device or landline
  • Eliminate commonly faced obstacles such as illiteracy and poor English-language skills among lower LSM groups

Blue Label Data Solutions offers access to a tested automated voice messaging platform, with high-volume capacity and tested functionality such as call rerouting to a call centre and telephonic surveys.

According to current South African legislation, and DMA (Direct Marketing Association) and WASPA (Wireless Application Service Provider’s Association) codes of conduct, each AVM must contain an option to opt out of the contact list or campaign, usually worded as: Press 9 to opt out.

Other legislation, such as the CPA (Consumer Protection Act), PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information Act) and POPI (Protection of Personal Information Bill), also govern certain elements of AVM marketing, such as delivery times, data and contact list usage and more.

Blue Label Data Solutions adheres strictly to all governing body regulations, codes of conduct and legislation governing the application of databases, contact lists and bulk AVM advertising.

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