Field Marketing & Lead Generation

Whether your potential target market LSM is on the lower end of the spectrum, or you would like to break into a particular geographic area or you require market research data for a critical survey that will decide your future business direction, the right data can be occasionally tricky to access, or research difficult to complete.

As much as technology has simplified marketing and data collection processes, there are still instances where all you can do is send people off, with a set of questionnaires, to gather the data you need.

Luckily Blue Label Data Solutions, in partnership with Topaz Sky, has a crack team of field marketing agents that can help you gather the data you need, quickly and efficiently.

As our field agents make use of mobile tablet technology, data is sent back to our central mainframe immediately, including a captured photograph of each and every person who has participated in the field survey or lead generation pursuits, giving you verifiable peace of mind about the activities taking place.

Benefits of Field Marketing & Lead Generation

  • Contact target markets traditionally considered difficult to reach with digital media, such as lower LSMs
  • Have immediate results and feedback, from your research and lead generation activities, fed directly back to your call centre to be actioned promptly and turned into a sale
  • Utilise incentives to increase audience size and interest
  • Be certain that the people you are targeting are in the correct geographic location for your business
  • Have your survey, or lead generation activity, running within 5 working days – great for short-notice projects
  • Know the exact amount of time it will take to gather the data or leads you need, to be able to action them immediately
  • Only pay for actual leads generated or interviews conducted
  • Access comprehensive reporting and analytics on your survey or lead generation activities, in almost real time