Geomarketing or Location-based Marketing Solutions

Targeted, location-based marketing has previously been out of reach for the average South African business.

Blue Label Data Solutions, with our wide and predominantly national media footprint,  is on hand with bespoke geomarketing technology that will help you reach the exact people in your immediate vicinity who can, and want to, take advantage of what your business has to offer.

Our location-based analysis will arm you, the decision maker, with the tools you need to compare and contrast your proprietary company data on consumers, sales patterns and customer trends with census and geo-demographic information such as Living Standards Measurements (LSMs).

Benefits of Geomarketing

  • Increase sales and revenue by identifying the areas and regions where the majority of your customer base is located
  • Discover which areas your competitors are targeting – and understand why
  • Reduce marketing spend and risk by analyzing new target market areas using LSM layers, competitor brands and other points of interest

Features of Geomarketing

  • Easily locate specific streets, suburbs and towns
  • Display a huge array of data in a geographical format
  • Select and target specific customers in specific areas
  • Maximise the efficiency of your sales and delivery teams
  • Select target customers within a certain radius of a defined point
  • More effectively estimate market potential in a geographic location
  • Profile customers similar in type to other areas in the country, using third party research datasets
  • Select sites relative to clients, markets, future growth, transport systems, infrastructure, existing points of sale and competitors
  • Identify potential new business locations, and compare your potential positioning to competitor store locations
  • Use third party data to analyse store catchment areas
  • Identify demographic locations for advertising hotspots
  • Enhance customer support centre efficiencies by accurately predicting customer load in an area